Introduction to the campaign by Nick Bennett, our ambassador

Nick Bennett in chairWelcome to 2young2die, a campaign by young people and Brake, the road safety charity, to end road carnage.

You know the risks taken by drivers and the horrific consequences. You see it in the news. Speeding, drink and drug driving, driving while using a phone, not belting up. You also know that driving is a major cause of emissions and global warming.

The 2young2die campaign doesn't try to teach young people what you already know. It aims to put young people in the driving seat of a campaign to help stop death, horrific injuries and climate change.

If you are a young person, or work with young people, get involved in the 2young2die campaign by  signing up to 2young2die today.

Then get started by reading this site. Click the tools button to access our powerful driver safety resources for showing to drivers and young people, and a guide to setting up your local 2young2die campaign. Teachers, youth leaders, parents and young people can also get trained to lead workshops with young people in your community about the 2young2die campaign.

Why should young people and their teachers and carers lead this campaign? Because young people, more than anyone else, are the victims of road crashes. And young people are also the future. It's time to save our generation, because countless tragedies have taught us no-one else can. Read my story below.

Nick Bennett, 2young2die ambassador


My story

"If you're young, you're most likely to die in a crash. If you're male and young, your chances of death are even higher. But it's even more likely you'll suffer horrendous injuries like mine.

Here I am playing kurling. Before my crash, my sport was football. I'll probably never play again.

When I was 18, I had a good job and a girlfriend. I went snowboarding every year. But I was also a self-confessed boy racer who'd recently passed my driving test.

After dropping off my girlfriend one bright sunny July morning, I drove on to work. Coming up behind two cars, I thought, 'God, they're going slow; I'm going to overtake."

I had a head on collision with a three-tonne lorry coming the other way.

For three months I drifted in and out of consciousness and then remained in hospital long enough for two birthdays to go past. As I wasn't wearing a seat belt, the force of the crash had thrown me against the steering wheel, inflicting serious chest and head injuries.

Both my lungs collapsed and my brain stem, responsible for speech, coordination and other key body functions, was severely twisted in the impact. Also, while in a coma, a bite reflex that clenched my teeth at the slightest sound forced doctors to remove part of my tongue and two of my front teeth.

I now live in sheltered housing, get around in a wheel chair and need help getting dressed and making meals. Though my mind is sharp and I have managed to retain my sense of humour, my speech is slurred.

Brake says I am one of 2young2die's most inspirational volunteers. I tour schools and have spoken to thousands of young people about my experiences in a bid to convince young people not to make the same mistakes. If I can make a difference, you can make a difference.

Help others to stay alive and out of a wheelchair by being a part of the 2young2die campaign."

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