skull 2Road crashes are the biggest cause of death and disability among young people, so the most important safety topic to address with young people to safeguard their futures. Many schools, colleges and companies suffer the horrific news that yet another young student from their institution has been killed or disabled in a road crash.

If you teach or work with young people then Brake, the road safety charity, is inviting you to take part in the 2young2die campaign. Whether you are a teacher, youth or club leader (for example you work for a football club), or employ young people (for example you work in the armed services), or work with youth offenders you can help activate and engage young people in this life-saving project.

Whether you work with young females or young males, or both, we want you to take part, but we are particularly keen for you to be involved if you work with young males, who are far more at risk of causing a crash if they drive, or being hurt on roads generally.

Brake believes young people are more likely to engage in the topic of saving their own skin on roads if they are given ownership of the topic. We believe young people should take a lead in campaigning for road safety themselves, rather than be lectured at. You can help them to do this through the 2young2die campaign.

To understand the main messages promoted within the campaign to prevent the bad driving that causes most crashes, and which we want young people to understand and address, surf the tools on this site.

There are four main ways to then get involved in the campaign:

1. Sign up to our campaigns bulletin, helping us stay in touch with you and tell you about issues relating to young people and road safety. Register online here.

2. Come on a low cost one-day training course as part of your Continuous Professional Develoment training to teach you how to lead engaging and interactive workshops with young people about the risks of driving, the consequences of bad driving, coping mechanisms for young people to help them avoid being in a crash, and the value of delaying or not driving for safety and environmental reasons. View locations and dates here.

3. Encourage a group of young people to develop their own road safety campaign. This is a double win as it can also help you meet your own internal goals, if you are a teacher, in topics such as maths and science, the arts and technology, and literacy. It could be a radio broadcast, statistics project, a website, a video, a poster campaign, a community campaign, or a campaign aimed at people in a younger or older age bracket (for example, helping children at a local primary school, or helping drivers in a local company). For ideas of key topics to address in your campaign, use the tools on this site.

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