Resources and info to help your 2young2die campaign

Scroll down to access our 2y2d tools - great for using in your local campaign. Here are our top 4 suggestions of ways to use them:

  1. In a discussion group about driver danger for young people or people who drive for work.
  2. To inform a media campaign in your community including a press release and photo call.
  3. To get inspiration for your own creative projects, such as a road safety play, song or radio advert.
  4. To inform family and friends – get them viral by liking on facebook.

You can also scroll to the bottom of this page to access a guide to setting up and running an effective campaign.

Please note: If you are browsing for detailed guidance on driver safety rules or how to pass a driving test, this is not the place to find it, as this is a campaigning site that communicates basic messages on the top killers behind the wheel, not an educational resource providing detailed advice on safe driving. Go to government websites and Brake's main website for more info to help you and your loved ones stay safe behind the wheel.  

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